Washington West Film Festival Features Good Men

26 Jul

This October, the 2013 Washington West Film Festival will feature GOOD MEN!  This will be our first screening at the Washington festival, and our calenders are marked. The festival will take place October 23rd till the 27th in DC, in addition to a LIVE reading and a Q&A by the film’s stars, Ed Asner and Mark Rydell!

We are particularly proud to be featured in this film festival for several reasons. Not just because the event attracts an audience from all over the world, or because of it’s reputation of only featuring that most cutting-edge films.  We know this festival is difficult to be selected to screen, so we feel honored.

The Washington West Film Festival continues to celebrate their incredible vision of, “Story can change the world.” What excites us is that in Washington during this week, there will be more buzz than video clips, actors, and production (which we do love.) The Washington West Film Festival donates 100% of their box office net proceeds to alleviating hunger, disease, displacement, and poor education on a global scale. We are thrilled to be alongside determined, global difference-makers at this event, and feel grateful to be a part of the progressive work this festival is doing. Last year all proceeds resulted in a theater built in Haiti.

We look forward to a week that is sure to be unforgettable, join us for our first time at the Washington West Film Festival!


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