Cast & Crew

Shown left to right: Brian Connors, Sean Tracey, actor Ed Asner (Up, Mary Tyler Moore Show), actor/director Mark Rydell (On Golden Pond) DP Barry Markowitz,ASC (Crazy Heart, Sling Blade, All the Pretty Horses)

Writer & Director : Brian Connors
Production Co:  Sean Tracey Associates
Producers: Sean Tracey & Brian Connors
Morty: Ed Asner
Marcus: Mark Rydell
Director of Photography: Barry Markowitz,ASC
Editor: Alexander Rydell 
Associate Producers: Neal Wilde, Dean Jamali, Riley Bodenstab, Mehrdad Sahafi 

1st AC: Tim Walker

2nd AC: Colin Jacob

Production Sound: Moe Chamberlain & Don Coufal

D.I.T. Technician: Corey Jennings

Wardrobe/ Hair & Make-up: Karen Randall 

Production Assistants: Chrissy Randall, Steve Mayes and Wade Gosack

Original Music By: Tay Uhler & Cengriz Yaltkaya

Piano: Cengriz Yaltkaya

Graphic Design:  Brenda Dziadzio, Siamack Sahafi

Locations & Catering Provided By: Malibu General Contractors & Malibu Design Associates  


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